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What would be the right curriculum for the child when he goes to Grade 9…?

What would be the right curriculum for the child when he goes to Grade 9…?

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Interested in pursuing a career in hospitality and a bit confused about what would be the right path.

What would be the right curriculum that he should take up, University offers a unique product called Curriculum Evaluation.

That will help the child to determine which curriculum would be best suited.

To understand what should be the best career for him we have something called the Virtual Internship Program (VIP).
The Virtual Internship Program (VIP) in an online internship program that has 18 career-based courses.
A student can experience different careers in a simulated work environment through expert videos and practical assignments right at home.
Each of these courses are just 1-2 hours making it easily consumable and subject-focused.
The student can take a VIP on Hospitality and Management and take a call later on when he is in class 10 or class 11. In class 8, he is still in a phase or exploration.
What Will he Receive On Completion Of A Virtual Internship Program?

An Internship Certification – Helps in building a strong college profile. A detailed Skill-Report – Helps in making an informed career decision.

Universities abroad are looking for profiles nowadays which are holistically sound. They are looking for a profile where the student has a balance of both academic and non-academic activities.
For that, you need to create a roadmap for the student. Profile Building is mostly applicable to non-STEM courses mostly.
With such a high percentage of students scoring above 90% in class 12, colleges have started to look for students with a balanced profile.

The right balance of academics and a strong non-academic profile is what will get you through to the other side.

The Advantages of building a Profile. 

  • More about discovering yourself rather than for your CV.

  • Identifying who you are and what your interests are.

  • What you enjoy and how you enjoy it.

  • Finding a balance inside and outside the classroom.

  • Holistic learningDeveloping yourself through curricular and co-curricular activities.

Profile Categories

The various categories activities can be divided into are-
  • Academic Honours.

  • Summer Enrichment Program.

  • Stream Based Achievements.

  • Work Experience and Volunteer activities.

  • Co-Curricular Achievements.

  • Extra-Curricular Achievements.

  • Special Skills.

Which Streams Need this the Most

The streams that require most of the above activities are mostly Non-STEM related.
These are:-

To bring you the most scientific & personalized profile building program – Pro-Map.  Pro-Map is a 50-day comprehensive program to build a dream college-ready profile.

Identify your strengths & interests and finalize on a career, course, and country and get a personalized roadmap to achieve it.
Also, Summer is here and so is the most exciting time of the year. Summer enrichment programs are available in just about every area of study, from the arts and sciences to languages and athletics.

It is interesting to see how universities in India and abroad are trying to spread their footprints amongst Indian students through their summer programs.

Benefits of Summer Programs to students.

Students can experience all the everyday learning prospects and possibilities, which will equip them well to make better career choices.
Students get a chance to explore their interests before they decide to take them up as a career.
These experiences help students come out of their shells, gain new skills, experience a different side of life, and earn certificates.
This helps them in increasing their university admission chances and receive scholarships, which in turn brings better admission results for your school.

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