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Jugaad Business Ideas

Jugaad Business Ideas…!
How to start a business without money…?

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Music is one of the common things between first love and first startup.
Both of them make a person blind.

Year 2015,2 friends from Pune Sushant and Atharva, childhood friends Were studying together in class 12 After 12th, Sushant took admission in B. Com and Atharva in Engineering College. After completing of their studies, both of them joined the crowd and were searching for jobs.

The application got rejected at many places! One day both of them met for a cup of tea. Probably the reason for not getting the job was, that they dint wanted to do the job.

Sushant said, “Let’s start a startup.” Atharva said, “Which idea do you have? I will tell you some of mine” Idea brainstorming was initiated.

Sushant finalized the business idea “Pom Tom – Anar juice.” There was no funding to start and none had an MBA degree. There were many such problems. When the family members came to know, they said, “If you wanted to do business, then why did we spent money on education?”.

But someone has rightly said that for those who have strong willpower, the road for them stands on its own. Sushant and Atharva started the study of food processing.

They decided that the answer on the business funding problem would be cost-cutting. They started from scratch.

They brought some pomegranate from the market and made its juice. They started to process it with different methods and turned their house into a lab.

They got a successful formula from trial and error and also got approval from the food testing lab. This moment was very exciting.

This pomegranate juice had a shelf life of 6 months. Their next task was to create a manufacturing setup.

Both were also very expert jugaad players. They studied juicers, heaters and packaging machines. Machine design research on YouTube, made notes by play and pause.

Family members said, “If you had studied so much in college, you would have topped it”. Both of them visited various, steel equipment companies in the industrial areas.

After getting there, they got a customized machine made according to their design. Bought second-hand machines from online sites. Jugaad Ideas were successful for the business, business was started with less money.

And the money that was spent was from his pocket money, savings and some help from friends. All machines were made, Manufacturing setup was set up at Atharva’s house.

Atharva got his bedroom vacated. After testing all the machines. One day for the inauguration was decided.

Sushant brought 200 kg of pomegranate from the market in his car, early in the morning. The first batch of 1000 units, Pom Tom Pomegranate Juice was out.

This time was very amazing. Wow from family members! Happy friends Atharva said, “It feels like we have won the war with Alexander.”

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Some distributors from the city took the goods. The stock was out in a few days. Pom Tom was a hit in the market. Work started in 3 shifts.

Atharva was busy on the phone “First money, goods will reach” Now Sushant and Atharva started getting many inquiries from all over the state.

They found the manufacturing setup to be small. Supply started falling back many times due to high demand. The opposition of the family members has vanished. Somehow this news reached to the pomegranate research institute of India.

They called Sushant and talked about various topics, wishing luck for business.

They asked Sushant about the formula for this product, Sushant said “Coco-Cola has not shared the formula till date, therefore market leader, forgive us”.

This was the moment when they felt strong confidence in themselves. Sushant said, “Our time has come, if we don’t do anything now, we will remain on the same stage in life”.

Sushant and Atharva once again sat down for business idea brainstorming. The topic was, how to make the manufacturing setup big. They reached a decision of taking a third partner.

Their common friend was Ritesh, from a very rich family. In exchange for a share in the company, Ritesh will have to give some money and land near his farm for manufacturing.

Ritesh said, “I will rent the land at the sub-subsidized rate, but the money contribution will have to be equal for all three.” Sushant did not like this deal.

Sushant told Atharva “Idea also has a valuation, and our product is a hit in the market too”.

“We will check other options.” But Atharva had become blind. He had big dreams. Atharva talked about this debate in his house, The family members of Atharva decided to invest 15 lakhs.

It was found out in Sushant’s house, as well His father also agreed to invest 15 lakhs, and Sushant refused to take money from his father. Sushant said, “It’s not about money, it is about business sutras” Atharva found a midway.

Ritesh and Atharva will both invest 15 – 15 lakhs, both of them will get 40% – 40% shares and Sushant will get 20% shares without investing money.

15 lakh loan will be applied, in the name of the company. The amount of 45 lakhs will be collected.

And Ritesh’s plot on the rent of Subsided rate. The three agreed on this. Construction of company shed started.

Now meetings were being held on machinery purchase and manufacturing planning. Sushant was still of the opinion that customized machinery should be made which can save money and quality.

But Atharva and Ritesh were saying “Why to spend time and efforts unnecessarily, we should pay attention to speed”.

Sushant still used to work on jugaad ideas, many times. But both used to ignore him. Sushant had become baggage for both of them.

Until the first batch was out, there were a lot of arguments going on in three. Ritesh and Atharva decided to exclude Sushant from the company. As soon as Sushant came to know, the land under his feet slipped, there was anger and empathy.

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Sushant said “jugaad and cost-cutting is the power of business. Time will tell you.” Sushant was thrown out of his own company.

Sushant accepted as he was helpless. He got an affidavit from the bank and both the parties, that there is no involvement of his in the bank loan.

The production of Pom Tom Juice was started. Just then, a bottle design copyright case popped up. After this legal problem.

All the labourers went to the village together. They were called again, to call them, they had to do all arrangements. The company started again. Only a month had passed.

Ritesh stopped coming to the company, he didn’t have much to do with the business idea and he was from a rich house, He was not having any shortage of money All workload was on Atharva.

The salary of the employees started getting delayed. Nobody took responsibility for marketing, there were no distributors.  In this financial stress period of the company,

Ritesh was taking rent of his plot on time. A few months later, the bank’s EMI also bounced. One year passed and nothing was achieved.

The company’s assets were sealed, and The company was declared NPA.

Family members of Atharva and Ritesh paid the remaining loan and got the file closed. This company was closed.

Hey business tycoon, suppose if you were the owner of this company, how would you save it? You have two options.

1 cost control or 2 big funding If you answer seriously, then I can assure you that your lakhs of rupees are going to be saved in the future. For the next 30 seconds, 10 Lakh INR. Answer?

The answer is cost control, no matter how much water you fill in a pot, if there is a hole in it, then it is never going to fill.

The ultimate answer is the jugaad Neeti. Of all the business tycoons you know, there is not one of them who did not use the jugaad Neeti.

Will bring more exciting stories ahead. Till then just one thing to do, share this story with your 10 friends.

Right now. If you can save the business of 1 out of 10, then the purpose of my article is fulfilled.

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Share startup kahaniya, Sunhara Bharat.

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