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How to earn money by completing simple tasks…

How to earn money by completing simple tasks…?

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In the world of online, every technology is booming and growing at an enormous pace.

Google is now testing its Task Mate app’s Beta version in India and letting users earn money by completing simple tasks.

Earn money by completing tasks for businesses around the world on Google’s Task Mate app. Examples of tasks include taking a photo of a nearby restaurant, answering survey questions, or helping translate sentences from English to your local language.

All the tasks are very simple like, “take a photo of the nearby restaurant, answer a survey,” and more

According to the app’s description on Google Play Store, users can choose tasks that interest them, and they can be completed at any time, from anywhere.

However, the app is currently in beta form, and users can access it only via a referral code.

The app is similar to the Google Opinion Rewards app that lets users earn Google Play credits after completing surveys.

Task Mate is not unlike the company’s Opinion Rewards app that allows users to answer questions and earn Play Store credits in return, except for one key difference.

Instead of the earnings being restricted to Google’s app store, Task Mate will let users cash out their payments so that they can spend in the real world.

Google Task Mate in beta testing?

Google’s Task Mate is running its Beta Version in India, “Limited to Selected Users”. Through a referral code system for “early access”, and waiting in the queue.

As per current reports, it is said that Task Mate has closed the referral code feature from its app because some fraudulent practices were happening in the Indian market.

How does Google Task Mate work?

The Task mate lets you find nearby tasks as well as seating tasks when they are available in the app.

For example, some sitting tasks include transcribing, recording spoken sentences, and translating from English to your local language.

The field tasks include taking photos of a nearby restaurant or shopfront which can be used in enhancing mapping details.

Then as per the requirements of the task, you’ll get a small training for each task at the very first time when you are going to work on it.

Then you complete the task as per the requirement and after your work verification.

After that you’ll get the amount of money which is decided for that particular task.

When your earning crosses INR 100 then you can withdraw that amount in your bank account via UPI registration.

After the first withdrawal, you’ll need INR 500 earning to withdraw the amount.

Earning on Task Mate with proof…?

In the below image, You can see my personal earnings on Google’s Task Mate beta app. It is showing that I have earned INR 2323 from completing the simple task.
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Hope this blog will help you to start earning online by doing simple tasks. That’s it for the day guys,

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