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10 Ways to Make Money by Using Your Computer

10 Ways to Make Money by Using Your Computer

10 Ways to Make Money by Using Your Computer

“How do I make money online?” or, “how do I make money with my PC?”, you would have thought about this at least once in your life.


Here are some ways to do so:

1. Freelance works –

Use your skills to take up freelance work or short-term contracts. Sign up in websites like FREELANCER, UPWORK, FIVERR, and TASK RABBIT to get into the gig economy.

2. Writing –

Start a blog, self-publish a book, create affiliate content, write scripts for video creators, write content for social media, help with marketing content etc. Try MEDIUM, BLOGGER, WIX, BLUEHOST etc

3. Coding –

You can make money writing websites, and apps, making cloud platforms or using low-code or no-code platforms. Use platforms like –,,

SalaryThe national average is 25,650/- per month

4. Content Creation –

Use Instagram, YouTube, write in medium, etc to create content and get paid for the work

Salary- National average – 21,231/- per month

5. NFT and Cryptocurrency –

NFTs and Cryptocurrency exchanges have become one of the fastest ways to amass a great deal of money through the owning and selling of digital assets.

6. Affiliate Marketing –

Use platforms like ELEMENTOR, aWeber, SENDINBLUE, CONVERTKIT, lead pages, FIVERR, PABBLY etc

Salary – Average 26,327/- per month

7. Dropshipping –

SHOPIFY has made it incredibly easy to create and run an online store.

8. Set up an online course –

If you have a skill, and you can articulate said skill, then look no further than online education. Use platforms like SKILLSHARE, TEACHABLE, UDEMY, COURSERA


Virtual assistance is not only a great way to earn money from your computer, but it has the opportunity to become a full-time job.

Salary – average 22,590/-


It is an online platform where requesters (as they are known) post boring jobs that you can complete for minute sums of money.

Salary – average 1.8 lakh per year for freelancers

Source: Instagram

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