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Reduce Belly fat: In 5 Days No Diet and No Exercise…! ©Dr. Shikha Singh

Reduce Belly fat: In 5 Days No Diet and Exercise…! Turmeric Tea Powder Lose Weight

© Dr. Shikha Singh

Hello and welcome back to blog guys. I am Doctor Shikha Guys Today I have bring to you a readymade turmeric tea recipe.

A turmeric tea which we can make and store in powdered form. If your mornings are very busy in the morning.

You don’t have much time to prepare your turmeric tea, you can make it ready-made in an airtight jar.

It Can be stored in a powdered form and in the morning, you Mix it with water from spoon and immediately your tea is absolutely ready.

And this is a very simple and effective way to include it in your Diet and get its amazing benefits and it becomes very quick. You Keep it readymade in the airtight jar.

After that just you can use it much more quickly So how to make it, To make turmeric tea powder, first I took out a glass jar.

This is an airtight Jar. Any airtight container you can take. For this now I am putting turmeric powder i.e., turmeric around 2 tbsp in it.

This is 1 tbsp and this is 2 tbsp Turmeric Powder or haldi powder Now I am putting dhaniya powder or coriander powder in it. I will put this coriander powder 1tablespoon in it. This is what I put in it 1tbsp in it later. Now after This I will put cinnamon Powder or daalchini powder in it.

I will also put this 1 tbsp in it. Here I put this 1 tbsp. Now after this I will put Ginger powder means dried ginger powder, I am also putting this 1tablespoon in it.

Now after this I am adding 1tbsp black pepper powder I have grinded this freshly; I have put it inside. Now let’s put its lid and mix it very well.

Shake all ingredients very well. And it’s mixed very well. And our Turmeric Powder is ready and it’s absolutely ready.

Isn’t it super quick and super easy? Now nothing to do with this our turmeric tea powder is completely ready. Just have to start taking its benefits in your weight loss And inch loss and all the benefits that turmeric tea powder gives us.

You have to use it once in a day either In the morning drink or in the night drink only this quantity you Will use it around 1/4 tsp.

Don’t use too much quantity Use it for around 15 days. Then stop it for 15 days.

 You can use it again for 15 days. Now I have taken a cup.

I am putting 1/4 tsp turmeric powder in it. We will pour absolutely boiling hot water and put this water in it.

And let’s mix it well. and by applying lid on it. We will leave this for around 5 minutes and when the water becomes lukewarm,

 Then it’s ready to go. So, I have put a lid on it and around 5 minutes later we will remove the lid.

When It gets lukewarm from boiling Hot Water. And then it’s absolutely ready. Now you can use it. And take benefits of it.

So, guys, our turmeric tea is very much magical. First of all, for weight loss For Inch Loss.

  1. Especially for Your belly fat area, it reduces it very effectively and if you have the problem of gas bloating, then it is very good for that.

  2. Absolutely medicinal properties of turmeric, you know that it has very good medicinal properties It balances your hormones. It is very amazing for PCOS and PCOD cases. If

  3. If You have acne problem or you have any infection in your body like throat infection, tonsils.  

  4. If there are a lot of cough or cold problems, then this is very much amazing for you For Cholesterol cases, Thyroid cases And diabetes, it is very amazing.

  5. If you have a problem with arthritis or joints, then it is superb for you too. Then you must add it to your diet.

It will definitely give you a lot of amazing weight loss Will also give inch loss along with this. It also has a lot of Medicinal Qualities too Which will give you many health benefits.

And the best part of it is that you can make it and keep it. After that, it will only take a minute when you make it in the early morning.

So, guys, I have brought a very simple recipe for you. You must use this. I hope you must have liked my article today. Will be Beneficial for you.

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Note: These remedies and diets worked on me but each person is different and reacts differently to these remedies and diets so please consult your doctor before trying any remedy and diets suggested in this article. The recommendations given on this blog may not work for everyone, and should not be considered as an excuse to not visit your doctor or consult a medical practitioner. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.


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Source: Shikha Singh, Translated by: Varunraj Kalse


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