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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise | While Sleeping | No Diet Control…

How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise | While Sleeping | No Diet Control…!

© Dr. Shikha Singh

Hello friends, I am Dr Shikha Singh, certified dietitian, nutritionist and your fitness trainer welcome to blog.

Only by sleeping, you can lose your fat fully. It’s true. We have different works in the daytime, wake up We need to sleep for charging our body.

For charging, we sleep. We feel tired and need to sleep. The increased fat can be burnt only while sleeping. But due to some mistakes fat keeps increasing. Why? Because they don’t sleep properly.

What are the mistakes they commit? Fat doesn’t burn rather keeps increasing.

I will tell you the proper way how to sleep when to sleep so that fat can burn, and what to eat before sleeping.

Will tell you in detail.

Let’s start.

You have noticed, that newborn babies keep sleeping all the time. You know, they grow faster in this time. They need to grow faster this time.

God has given them this technique to only eat and stay awake less for growing. Thus they grow good. You have noticed that kids don’t concentrate on anything.

They don’t take stress, They cry if someone tells them anything and forget. Again they eat and remain busy with their sports.

Thus they grow faster. It is by nature that kids won’t have stress and keep eating or drinking.

That’s why up to 15 years, humans don’t gain fat doesn’t matter whatever eat, fat doesn’t increase at all. Because they don’t take stress, keep doing Their work on time, eating sleeping on time. They must sleep when feeling asleep. They follow such a routine.

Now the time has changed, different devices are available like computers, they stay busy with that. Eat more and more fast foods because mothers also cook those fats.

They cook bread, pizza, milk, cake or sugar contained foods sitting all day and thus, gain fat. Their hormones lose balance from sitting in the same place. This is something else but normal kids don’t gain fat fast.

After 24-25 years and forward when we get responsibility, we gain fat in such a way that debt increases us. Thus fat keeps increasing. We think why now fat increases as we are living the

Same life like before, eating or sleeping. Let me tell you why fat increases. Our body releases 2 hormones.

Our brain has a pineal gland. This gland is on the backside. The pituitary gland is here on this site, in this area, if you draw a line at the middle point, that will be the Pituitary gland.

Same way if you go back, that is the pineal gland. Two hormones are released melatonin and growth hormone. When it is released?

Melatonin helps to burn our fat. It eats fat because it has a lot of work to do in the body. Growth hormone has the work to repair all kinds of losses.

Your bones are getting defects day by day, calcium and iron are needed to deposit, all these balances are maintained by growth hormone.

Growth in kids is also maintained by this hormone that how fast they grow or their bones. Growth depends on the growth hormone.

That’s why kids sleep more. Melatonin and growth hormone helps us in burning fat.

You can call these hormones of the dark, which means when it is dark and you are sleeping, then this releases means the whole area becomes dark if we sleep in the right time Around 10 to 11 at night, the area becomes dark all over the earth.

If we sleep peacefully that time and are relaxed, melatonin releases mean we can have a sound sleep. This means hormones have been released. What it does?

It goes to the growth hormone and asks to start his work. Then growth hormone checks what to repair. It balances all other faults in the body.

It comes and does its duty if you sleep right time.

Now how do you sleep and what mistakes do you commit 2nd thing is that you watch your phone up to 11 PM.

3rd is whether your bedroom is fully dark? Because your gadgets always remain in fronts of you like mobile, laptop or tv.

Tv remains on till 12. When it is time for releasing melatonin at 10 to 11. It is the best time. If you sleep at 2, then this hormone isn’t released.

Another thing, if even a very thin light comes in your room like small lights, that prevents hormones to be released.

Even a thin light on your eyes can stop the release of the hormone. So, the room where you sleep, first eat 2 – 3 hours before your sleep, light mustn’t come where you sleep.

Windows remain open no problem but light mustn’t come. You have managed it.

Put a cloth on your eyes to prevent light or sleep in full dark. 3rd is on which side you sleep. I will show that. First, let me talk about what to eat before sleeping. This also has effects.

If you eat at 10 to 11 and then go to sleep, your hormones won’t release because your body is busy in digesting. That will stop melatonin as it’s work is not done yet.

Body isn’t relaxed yet, it is working on digesting. So melatonin will not be released and the process will be interrupted. So eat light food and eat around 7 to 8 PM whatever you want to eat.

Eat light at dinner, eat vegetables and bread. pulse, chickpeas, rajma, cheese, and all fatty heavy foods like ghee, Milk should be avoided.

Drink milk only without cream if you want. Eat less, eat light, walk after eating and relax means digesting should be done earlier. Go to sleep after 2 to 3 hours of eating.

When you go to sleep, ensure no light enters into your room. If anything you do on the phones or laptops, do that in another room.

No gadgets should be near you. If you follow it, hormones will be released for sure. Another thing is fix when to sleep.

Sleep within 10 to 10:30. Hormone releases at 11 to 11:30. Don’t sleep at 2 or more, Not like hormones will be released this time too.

Because at 2 to 3 pm, sun starts to rise and little light effects fall on our mind also and that hormone isn’t released That time hormone is not released properly.

Our body is related to nature. To keep in balance, sleep in time, wake up in time. Let me show you which way we should sleep. Sleep being left sided, fix your left side of sleeping, left hand means this is left side.

Sleep this way when you sleep. A light pillow should be under your neck. Lie down this way and you will get asleep.

When you wake up in between or need to change sides, then be straight. Get straight when you change sides and sleep this way. This way.

Hands can be on the tummy or a side, sleep this way when needed. if you still need to change sides then go to the right side. It means whenever you go to sleep, first sleep on the left side. It’s because if we have some food left undigested, the body digests that food first.

Tummy remains on this side. So, all the digestive juices are released and foods become digested. After that, it is released to the intestine. So, the digestive process is completed properly.

Now the body is fully relaxed, so melatonin sends a signal to the growth hormone to come as it is relaxed and dark and to its duty. Growth hormone targets the tummy fat and converts it into energy.

Telling how it burns, It targets the belly fat and converts it into energy. It needs a lot of energy for working for the body.

So takes the energy from the body and starts working for the full body like depositing calcium in the bones, destroying fatty tissues all over the body, any issues in the body, hormone isn’t being released, making that release and making that work all are these the works of growth hormone.

So it destroys the fat. It converts fat into energy. Tummy has the maximum fat, this hormone uses the tummy fat first. So it is cool. When you sleep properly at the right time, enough hormone is released, thus fat burns. Those who go to sleep earlier, have faceless diseases and gain less fat.

Those who sleep less, eat later in the night, Some people don’t feel hungry in the daytime and eat at night and sleep around 10-11 or sometimes 12. Their central obesity is very fatty. So they are fat, not sleeping in the right way, using phones all the time, watching phones whenever you wake up is very wrong.

That makes the body imbalanced. So, I have told you properly how to sleep, when to sleep and when to eat.

Hope you follow it and reduce fat only by sleeping. Tell me how was the article, like and share the article if you liked, and subscribe to the blog if you are new here. See you in the article, bye-bye and take care.

Note: These remedies and diets worked on me but each person is different and reacts differently to these remedies and diets so please consult your doctor before trying any remedy and diets suggested in this article. The recommendations given on this blog may not work for everyone, and should not be considered as an excuse to not visit your doctor or consult a medical practitioner. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT.


Reduce Belly fat: In 5 Days No Diet and No Exercise…! ©Dr. Shikha Singh


Source: Shikha Singh, Translated by: Varunraj Kalse

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