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TeamViewer not working on Samsung… Here is the Solution to this Problem…!

TeamViewer not working on Samsung…? Here is the solution to this Problem…!

©Varunraj Kalse

TeamViewer is one of the most popular desktop support solutions on the market.

But thanks to the new Universal Add-on for the QuickSupport Android app, you can completely control your Android device remotely.

Announced in the official post of the TeamViewer QuickSupport blog. 

This update allows you to fully control your Android device to provide support or help with setting up or anything else for that matter.

Universal Add-on is actually a way you can download within the TeamViewer QuickSupport Android app.

Once you have it, you will need to enable the app to be able to provide remote support with full controls for your device.

Now, this might be great if you have older relatives who may not trust you using their smartphones and are constantly stuck in menus or apps.

It can also be useful for businesses with an IT department that needs to provide remote support to staff and employees in the field.

With potentially harmful COVID-19 connections, TeamViewer QuickSupport is likely to receive the most assistance.

You will also need a supported device from one of the following manufacturers to get started:


Some Android smartphones will allow you to do screen sharing with the TeamViewer QuickSupport app, which was good but not intuitive if you need to give advice or solve a problem.

Any device running Android 7.0 will now be able to install Universal Add-on, so it allows you to control the entire UI without needing a device in hand.

Hopefully, this will make providing technical support easier.

Now you need to get your family members to install the app… You can find the TeamViewer QuickSupport app from the Google Play Store, next to the TeamViewer Universal Add-on.

©Varunraj Kalse

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