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5 Reasons, Why Should you buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro?

2 Reasons, why not to buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

5 Reasons, Why Should you buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro?

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The Apple iPhone 14 series has just hit the global market and has taken the industry by storm. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are known as the best Pro models iPhone has ever made. Behind this is the introduction of many new features and functions. The device has a starting price of ₹ 1,29,000 in the Indian market.

One thing we can say for sure is that Apple fans will be very happy with the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. In this article, we will talk about some factors that may or may not affect whether you should buy the iPhone 14 Pro.

Why Should you buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro?

Dynamic Island Add-on:

iPhone 14 Pro has a pill-shaped cutout on the front to accommodate the camera and Face ID-related components. Now, Apple has taken software and software to another level by introducing the Dynamic Island feature, which allows the tablet to grow in different situations.

The smartphone camera expands to include notifications, music, timers, maps, and even when the user calls. Most people who got their hands on the smartphone were impressed by the Dynamic Island feature, as it was the main focus of Apple’s event.

A16 Bionic SoC to make the device faster:

While the flagship iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus still use the A15 Bionic chip, the company has introduced the latest A16 Bionic processor in the Pro model. The A16 Bionic chipset has four efficiency cores and two performance cores, along with a 5-core GPU and a 16-core neural engine.

The image processing quality of the processor is also unmatched, so Apple released a 12MP sensor to offer a higher capacity sensor today. We will know more about the phone from a performance perspective in the coming days. However, Apple never disappoints its fans in terms of performance and we can expect this time as well.

The always-on-screen card also includes:

In the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple introduced the concept of Always On Display. Powered by an adaptive refresh rate, iPhone 14 Pro can create a lock screen that consumes less power and shows what you need.

The smartphone display also supports HDR brightness and Pro Display XDR. Not only this, the company also provides a maximum brightness of 2000nits in the smartphone.

48MP primary shooter:

For the first time in iPhone history, Apple introduced a 48MP primary shooter instead of the standard 12MP primary shooter seen on some iPhones. To include the main sensor, the company integrated the latest Photonic Motor into the A16 Bionic processor.

The iPhone 14 Pro also supports Action Mode video features and decent stabilization. Also, you get better-quality photos compared to other iPhone versions.

Crash detection features:

Apple always focuses on providing the best safety and security features in its products. Going further, the company has introduced a new crash-detection feature in the iPhone 14 Pro range.

Both devices use dual-core accelerometers that can measure G-forces up to 256G. The accelerometer works with a new high dynamic range gyroscope and barometer to detect cabin pressure changes in vehicles such as cars or trucks.

Plus, GPS adds speed change input along with a microphone that recognizes and shares all the loud sounds heard during a car accident. The Accident Detection feature will automatically call the pre-numbered emergency number for emergency assistance as soon as it occurs.

2 Reasons, why not to buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

If you are concerned about the battery:

Well, the iPhone 14 Pro is good in all aspects, but when it comes to battery, it lags behind. The device can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes and fully charged in an hour and a few minutes. As for the battery drain, it can last for 10-12 hours with average use. If you use the device extensively, make sure you have a charging point with you, as it can drain in 5-7 hours.

Price Point:

When you’re looking to buy an iPhone, even the Pro version, keep in mind that it’s going to burn a hole in your pocket. So, if the budget is very important to you, you can buy the iPhone 14 Pro and wait for a price drop or something for yourself.



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