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20 Highest Paid Jobs Without A Degree…!

20 Highest Paid Jobs Without A Degree…!

20 Highest Paid Jobs Without A Degree

Did you know that your skills can help you earn high-paid jobs Without taking a Degree…!

Here are some:

1. Ethical Hacker:

You can enroll into a course right after completing your 10th. Pays between 1.5-20+lakhs.

2. Photographer:

You can take up a course after 10+2 and begin interning. Starting salary is around 3L PA.

3. Writer:

Formal/informal training after 10+2. Need to practice a lot. Average starting salaries are 2.4L PA.

4. Modelling/Acting:

No minimum educational qualification is required. You can take up a course. Pay varies.

5. Personal Trainer:

The course can be taken after 10+2. Pay could increase up to 80-90k per month eventually.

6. Dance Instructor:

Initial training is needed. The minimum qualification needed is 10+2. Pay increases over time.

7. Real Estate Agent:

Must be 19 years of age. The license needs to be acquired. Pay varies.

8. Graphic Designer:

Diploma courses after 10+2. The average beginning salary is 2.5LPA.

9. Make-up artists:

No minimum educational qualification is required. Average pay starts at 15k per month and increases later.

10. Creative Home Decor:

No minimum educational qualification is required. Need creativity and connectivity.

11. Web Developer / Designer:

You can take up a diploma course after 10+2.  Salary ranges from 1.5-6LPA.

12. Game Designer:

Certificate and Diploma courses after 10+2. Can earn between 30-70k per month.

13. Professional YouTuber:

No minimum educational qualification is required. You can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos and Affiliate Marketing.

14. Professional Blogger:

No minimum educational qualification is required. Can earn through advertisements.

15. Cabin Crew Member:

Diploma courses after 10+2. Starting salaries are from 3.6L PA.

16. Commercial Pilot:

Training after 10+2 in Science Stream. Salary ranges from 1.5-5 lakhs per month.

17. Radio/Video Jockey:

No minimum educational qualification is required. Pay varies.

18. Stock Market professionals:

The minimum age limit is 21 years. Can start working after 10+2 after registering with SEBI.

19. Fashion / Interior Designing:

Diploma courses after 10+2. Freshers start from 30k per month.

20. Digital Marketer: –

No minimum educational qualification is required. You can create online advertisements for others. Pay varies.

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