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5 Business Ideas For College Students In 2022 [No Investment Needed]

5 Business Ideas For College Students In 2022 [No Investment Needed]


What’s up, guys?

Hi, I am Aastha. So, in today’s article, I Will tell you 5 such business ideas, that you can do in 2022, as a college student.

And these are such business ideas in this, you don’t need to upfront investment. You can do this with minimal or zero investment. You can start these businesses.

Believe college time/early time is the best time, to start any business or side hustle. First of all, you have lots of time & energy.

To work on your business & to grow it Secondly, you are so young So you know about all the trending things.

And so, you can work on smart & innovative business ideas. And thirdly, because you have lots of time.

You can skill up yourself. You can develop such skills, that will actually help you in your business.

So, without wasting time, Let’s move toward our countdown. But before that, I want to ask you one thing.

You as a college student Think about any business or idea. Which if existed, it would have been great for college students.

Any such problem faced by college students, and any business that would solve it. Think about it & let me know in the comments.

1. Providing Mentorship

So, the first business idea is a business that I myself started in college life. It was sort of my first startup. I started in the second year of college. And I think anyone can start such a business now.

In one week, you can earn revenue. And this is basically a business of Providing mentorship to school students.

Now just a heads up, I am talking about mentorship, I am not talking about tuition or coaching classes. In my college life, I started a JEE mentorship startup/business.

My startup name was “My JEE Mentor”.  And all the JEE aspirants, who prepare for JEE or IIT JEE. We used to provide mentorship to them.

And what was basically in the mentorship, A school student who is preparing for JEE We used to connect him to a college student.

Such a college student who has already given JEE. And has scored good marks in it. And this college student used to provide mentorship to the school student.

And used to mentor for JEE preparation. And as you can guess, the school student used to pay for mentorship/help.

That was our revenue source. And I am saying this again, We did not provide tuition classes or coaching. We used to mentor them for JEE preparation. Mentor means we used to guide them.

Sort of big brother who is helping you, In your JEE preparation. It is not necessary You should give only JEE mentorship.

If you are a medical student, you can NEET mentorship. Or if you are a commerce student, you can CA / CS mentorship, but you can provide that kind of mentorship.

Or you can give them mentorship for a board exam. And you earn this as a solo business. Where you yourself are giving mentorship, you yourself are mentoring kids.

Also, you can create a team of yours like mine. I never used to directly mentor any student. But I had my team of mentors.

Those mentors in turn used to mentor students. And I used to handle the business. And if you want me, about my startup My JEE Mentor, to make a detailed Article.

Explain everything in detail, Then like this Article now itself. And as this Article crosses 5000 likes, I will make a dedicated article on this.

2. College Merchandise

You can start your own merchandise business. In which you sell T-shirts and hoodies. And I am not talking about any general Merchandise business.

I am saying you should start a college branded merchandise business. Now, what does that mean?

College branded merchandise business means You are making products or merchandise. Those are made for your college students only.

Your primary target audience Is your college students. And your t-shirts and hoodies, their design should be in such a way That your college students relate to them.

They should feel a connection. For example, maybe there is some inside joke in your college.

Any quote or any line That is very popular among your college students. Or else Basically any insider thing. Then you use these things, to make a design of your T-shirt or hoodies.

Your print or design, Will be inspired by these popular things. And then what?

You can make your Instagram page. Or on WhatsApp groups, You can circulate these designs. And you can set a price for them.

Those who want to buy these T-shirts or hoodies can buy them by paying this price. And if you to any manufacturer, And you give order in bulk, Like, say 100 or more than 100 pieces order.

Then I think a good quality T-shirt Can be printed for Rs.150-160. Which you can sell in return for Rs.250-300. So Rs.150 profit per T-shirt.

And a good quality hoodie Can be made for Rs.500, 550 up to 600. If your order is in Bulk. Which you can sell in return for Rs.800-900. So Rs.200-300 profit on one hoodie.

And this way, you can create your merchandise business. In your college. And about me, In my final year I also, Printed IIITD branded hoodies. For some of my batchmates.

And even though I did not do any business or earn a profit. I just took it to make my friends happy.

Obviously, I took money from them. For their own hoodie. But definitely because of these I got some experience in this merchandise business.

And I realized it is not that hard or complicated. As much as it looks.

If any of these Blog subscribers, Asks me anything about business. Then I reply to that also.

So definitely follow me on this blog. And if you haven’t subscribed to this blog, then don’t forget to subscribe.

3. Article & Design firm.

And here also you have two options. First is You yourself learn graphic designing & Article editing and as a business provide this service.

Or else you can make your team of Article editors & graphic designers.

If you yourself Are not doing any designing & Article editing you can check the website of this is the best example of team business. Everyone is specialised in his / her work and they have made a team.

But you are handling that business & You are bringing clients. And in return, the editing & design work Is done by your team.

And because digital marketing is on the boom, People are consuming more online content. So many businesses need to expand their online presence.

So, they need such Article editors & designers. Many content creators also need someone to help them In Article editing or thumbnail designing.

In different types of design. And you can start your one-stop business where anyone needs any type of designing or editing.

To make a poster, logo, or to write/edit an Article. Or maybe they want some animation. Then they will come to you and through you, they will do their work.

And as your business keeps on growing, you can keep on increasing your services. You can provide logo design.

You can help in Article production. In website designing, and app designing In this things also you can provide your services.

And because you are college students, so in comparison to the market, you can provide many competitive rates to your clients.

This will help you in bringing new clients and scaling your business.


Moving on, Now the business I am going to tell Is a business that personally I wanted to do. And I am pretty sure, at some point in life, I will definitely do this.

This is a business which is world-famous in full India. It has a very high margin. Terrific margins. And this is such a thing, from a small kid to a big businessman, everyone wants it. Everyone buys it.

Also, the business I am talking about is Opening your own Tea stall or Tea shop Do you know the tea that you buy for Rs.10, Or at some good brands Where you buy Tea for Rs.15, 20 or 30.

How much money do you need to make that tea? I did my research and I found out If you use good quality ingredients, then you just need Rs.2-3 to make a cup of tea.

And Tea believes me is a very high margin business. And those who come to these tea stalls They don’t buy only tea. They buy many small things to eat. And the margin on those things is also high.

Now let’s talk about you as a college student, How will you do your Tea business?

Do you need to go to any road or any metro station, or do you need to build a Tea stall in some big mall?

No. On your college campus itself, you need to build a small & cute Tea shop. In this tea shop, you can sell different types of Tea.

Or you can also sell coffee. Many small food items. Like patties, Maggi, anything you think that college students like eating.

And because this shop will be for a college student, I am pretty sure for other college students, it will be a driving factor or a means of marketing. Oh, this shop is one of our college student’s shops.

So, we should try it. Or to help this guy’s shop, or to promote we should buy from his shop. And not necessary you yourself need to run that shop.

You have to sit in the shop & make tea. Yes maybe, in start days when you are doing a sort of modal test, Or you are doing try out then you need to do it.

But eventually, in the long run, you can hire some people. Who will run your shop. And with that, you can start doing room delivery in college.

Your hostel students, Will simply give orders on WhatsApp or anywhere, and you will deliver Tea & any small dishes to their hostel. This is also possible.

And I personally like tea very much. And I am pretty sure at some point in my life, I will also as a pet project. I will open a tea stall. I don’t why but I have this hobby.

5. Web Development / Website Development

So, moving on to the business idea that we will talk about is This is one of the easiest businesses for any college student to start in 2022.

Because this business has huge demand. You need less time to acquire skills for it. And you can completely learn it free of cost.

And finally, you as a college student can provide competitive rates. This idea is of starting your own web development business.

And Web development as you can guess is such a business Where you create websites for people.

As I earlier told you, at this time there are many such small businesses, who are trying to build their online presence.

And the most important thing to building an online presence is to have your own website. And usually, these businesses are so small, that they can’t afford to have a dedicated employee. Who will create a website for them & maintain it.

Nor do they have the skills to build a website. And this situation creates a big opportunity for you Where for these small or medium businesses, or for some startups or for some individuals who have their own website, you can give them a good custom-made website.

And once again you can go solo in this business. You can work as a single web developer. In your own business.

Or you can keep a team of web developers, as your business start scaling. And as I told in this Article also, it is not difficult to learn web development.

On full Web development in only Rs. 999/- and easily You can learn it. In fact, you will need just 3-4 weeks of time, if you don’t know web development.

To learn how to make websites. And if your goal is to do a job in some big company or startup, Then I think this web development experience, Will be very helpful for you.

It will be added to your resume. When your employers will see, you have website development experience.

So, with this, we are at the end of this Article. But once again in the comments Do tell me about your business idea. Then don’t forget to like the Article & subscribe to This Blog, Thank you. 

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